Hi, I'm Jannah.

I'm an experienced software engineer from Malaysia. And this is my Hyperspace.

What I do - Portfolio

I completed a Full Stack Bootcamp program to upskill my development knowledge. Here are the compilation of recent projects built using Node Js, Vue Js, React Js, MySql.

Sejiwa - One Heart One Soul

This is the final Bootcamp project I built together with my classmate (@esme-marie). The web application is for members to create charity events and gather volunteers. For public users, they can search for charity events and sign-up as volunteer.

Makan Bah!

Makan bah! original project was developed by Khalilah. This project is an extension to the original project from https://github.com/dasikha/MakanBah. The extension consist of:

  • HomePage, LandingPage, LoginPage, RegistrationPage
  • Simple Navigation - using React Router
  • Node Js libraries - Bcrypt & JWT - for password encryption and authentication token


The overall project is to assist the user to monitor the borrowing and lending activities between a borrower to a lender or vice-versa. On top of that, the goal of the application is to promote and encourage healthy borrowing and lending habits in the user. For now, the borrowing feature is completed. In the future, I will work on the lending section, dashboard, and probably an admin page.

'My Portfolio'

The 'My Portfolio' is an SPA (single-page application) which I created for the Bootcamp class project/exercises. I have two different SPAs - one is developed using React and another one is using Vue.

Get in touch

Please email me if you have any enquiries. You can also connect with me through my LinkedIn.